Prairie Empire - The Salt. 2016.
Stephen Steinbrink - Anagrams. 2016.
Christopher Paul Stelling - Labor Against Waste. 2015.
Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles - Oh Man, Cover the Ground. 2015.
The River Arkansas - Golden Light.2015.
Corpus Callosum - Shadow Show. 2014.
Rabble Rabble - Brain Hole. 2014.
Zoe Boekbinder - Baby Bandit. 2014.
Muralismo - Muralismo. 2013.
Fox & Woman - This Side Dawn. 2013.
Blackbird Raum - False Weavers. 2013.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - The Heist. 2012.
Jeff Rolka - Live at the Berkeley Piano Club. 2012.
UPSIDE DROWN - Mood Music. 2012.
The Pharmacy - Stoned And Alone. 2012.
Hounds of the Wild Hunt - El Mago. 2012.
Zoe Boekbinder - Darling Specimens. 2011.
Shenandoah Davis - The Company We Keep. 2011.
Kris Orlowski and the Passenger String Quartet - Fremont Abbey EP. 2011.
Patrick Foster and the Locomotive - Steps of Slydell. 2011.
The Devolutionaires - Stumble Culture. 2011.
Grant Valdes - Live in Isolation. 2011.
Bone Poets Orchestra - Belladonna Smiles. 2011.
God's Favorite Beefcake - Witches Bones 'n' Whale Skin. 2011.
Memphis Khan - We Can't Say. 2010. Reverb Worship.
Kels Boreen. Life is Too Sweet. 2010
E.M. Bodwick. - This Life. 2010.
Memphis Khan - The Merchant EP, 2009, Reverb Worship.
Mittens on Strings Let's go to Baba's. 2009. Soungs. Cello, Violin, Vox
Mittens on Strings Look up the sky!!! 2006. Emperor Jones.
I Ching Quartet - Stay Another Hour. 2009. Violin, Uke, Bass, Vox
I Ching Quartet - Metaphysical Cowboy. 2008. Violin, Bass, Vox
I Ching Quartet - Frozen River Valley. 2006. Violin, Bass
Outpost - Tropical Love EP. 2008. Violin
Norwalks - This Side Up. 2008. Cello
2% Majesty - Rope to Shore EP. 2007.
Static Films - New Universe Phase. 2006.
Mira Mira - Midnight for You. 2005.
Elephant Micah - Hindu Windmills First Sessions. 2004.
To The Left - Dramatic Confusion. 2004.

Live performances with:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
DJ Spooky
Suzanne Vega
Duff McKagan
Portland Cello Project
Seattle Rock Orchestra
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Angel Olsen
David Bazan
Josephine Foster
Shenandoah Davis
Zoe Boekbinder
Eliza Rickman
Spirits of the Red City
Nick Jaina
Luz Elena Mendoza (Y La Bamba)
Upside Drown
Stelth Ulvang
The River Arkansas
Blackbird Raum
Lake Mary
Clouds and Mountains
Twig Palace
Real Live Tigers
Kris Orlowski
Curtains For You
Bone Poets Orchestra
I Ching Quartet
God's Favorite Beefcake
Mittens on Strings
Blind Anabaptist Blues
Static Films 2% Majesty
Box of Baby Birds
Mira Mira
Fake Lake
Opal Wood
Crispus Attucks
Sons of Susan